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ZoneWiFi Privacy Notice

Unless it is clearly stated in a Privacy Notice on subsequent pages, ZoneWifi does not itself store or process any personal data on its systems. Any personal data entered on pages with either a Cisco logo and/or a Meraki logo is stored by Cisco Meraki as the data processor which has an Online Privacy Statement which is wide ranging and open, but is itself further restricted by the Meraki EU Privacy FAQs which includes the following statement:

"Meraki does not access Customer Data except to provide the services, address technical issues, in response to customer support inquiries, and to the extent required by law. All other use or analysis of Customer Data is conducted by a customer's designated administrative staff with access to Meraki services."

In this respect, ZoneWifi acts as the customer’s designated administrative staff if their customer themselves have not taken on that role. ZoneWifi only accesses personal data in response to customer support inquiries raised to ZoneWiFi.

Unless it is clearly stated in a Privacy Notice on subsequent pages, ZoneWiFi does not otherwise export or share personal data processed on a Cisco Meraki system.

Any personal data subsequently entered on pages that do not have a Cisco and/or a Meraki logo are at the behest of the customer to whom ZoneWiFi has provided network hardware and is subject to that customer’s Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions where applicable.

Should you wish to exercise your rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (click here for more information) please contact